Alpha (Pilot)

Presidente Figueiredo

This project is encompassed within the first generation of Biome Conservation Assets (BCAs) and represents the conservation efforts performed in Presidente Figueiredo, state of Amazonas, Brasil. This pilot unveils a wide-ranging and captivating ecosystem distinguished by its abundant soil nutrients and diverse flora and fauna.

357685 / 357760Available BCAs
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Regenerative Finance Solutions for Environmental Markets

Our commitment involves strengthening environmental conservation to maximize positive impact, incorporing rigorous methodologies, proprietary technology and blockchain to support the process.

Blockchain-backedLeveraged by DLTs, each BCA is backed by transparent, immutable, and verifiable records.
Security based-assetsBCAs stand as the digital representation of the Green CPR instrument in compliance with the Brazilian national legislation.
Environmental impactBCA investments mirror the preservation endeavors undertaken over a past year.

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