Biodiversity is the best technology to combat climate change

Meet PlanetaryX, a comprehensive end-to-end solution that brings together the private sector, public policy makers and local communities to boost biome conservation.

Biome Conservation Assets

A new class of financial instrument that represents the yearly efforts to preserve and report all the ecosystem benefits supported at a protected area of any biome on Earth.

Land to BCAs

PlanetaryX enables nature-based and community-led climate action. Contribute land for conservation and regeneration. We handle every step of the way towards lasting sustainability.

Contract signing
with landowners
Data collection
and results
Green CPR registration
& securitization
BCA issuance & allocation
Preserve your land

Unveiling PlanetaryX Advantages

Pioneering Expertise

Guided by a world-class team of scientists, we are at the forefront of ecological innovation.

Cutting-Edge Data collection

Our proprietary technology includes an ahead-of-the-curve APP for on field information gathering and storage.

Transparent Sustainability

Every entity on our blockchain-based registry is fully traceable and tamper-proof.

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With the summit agenda based on high technology and sustainability, Sthorm´s delegation made waves at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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PlanetaryX and Partners Take COP28 by Sthorm

A delegation of the climate tech incubated at Sthorm took innovative community-led, nature-based solutions to the UN’s environmental summit…

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PlanetaryX's BCAS Break New Ground in Issuing Biodiversity Credits

A first batch of Biome Conservation Assets (BCAs) has been created to incentivize preservation of the Amazon rainforest…

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