The best technology to fight climate change is biodiversity

Meet PlanetaryX, a comprehensive end-to-end solution to global biome conservation incentivizing private sector efforts, policy makers, and local communities.

Biome Conservation Assets

A new class of financial instrument that represents the recurring efforts to preserve and report all the ecosystem benefits supported at a determined protected area of any given biome on Earth over one past year.

From Land to BCA

PlanetaryX enables sustainable solutions. Contribute land for conservation and regeneration. We handle every step for lasting sustainability.

Contract sign with landowners
On-field data collection
Green CPR issuance & registration in the B3
BCA issuance and allocation
Preserve your land

Unveiling PlanetaryX Advantages

Pioneering Expertise

Guided by a world-class team of scientist PlanetaryX is propelled by ecological innovation.

Cutting-Edge Data collection

Our proprietary on-field data collection application is a key component of our technology ecosystem.

Transparent Sustainability

With our blockchain-based system we ensure the information is safely tampered proof.

Our latest news

PlanetaryX and Autopass unite their efforts

Autopass becomes a key part of the project with their support.

PlanetaryX will be part of COP28

A pivotal initiative showcasing our commitment to global sustainability and environmental advocacy.

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PlanetaryX and CONAFER join forces

Technology and sustainability converge to enhance rural assets.

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